We produce large quantities of the best quality of Black Fiber Brush also called Black Coconut Brush or simply Black Brush for short.
Besides that, we also produce Coconut Fiber Brush. Another name for this is Brown Coconut Brush or just Coconut Brush.

These brushes are made of eco friendly material hence sometimes referred to as Eco Brushes / Eco Scrubbers or Vegetable Brushes / Vegetable Scrubbers.
In other parts of the world, these brushes are also referred as Tawashi Brushes.

Our Black Fiber Brushes are of good quality. They are hard and dense. Normally the black brushes are used to scrub floors, tires, clothes or other surfaces.

While Coconut Brushes are normally used to scrub clothes, pans, floors and other surfaces.

Packaging : in pp bag or in carton.
Your company logo with barcode (or without barcode) can be attached on each brushes.