Arta Faedah is a reputable and experienced processor and export of :

  • Cassia Vera (Indonesian Cinnamon) :
    Cassia Quills, Cassia Cut AA, Cassia Cut A, Cassia KA Stick, KABC, KBBC, Cassia Powder, and Cassia Mix Cut (mixed length).
  • Broom Sticks (Leaf Ribs / Broomstick Ekel) :
    Coconut, Nypah and Palm-Oil Leaf Ribs.
  • Brushes (Scrubbing Brush / Scrubber) :
    Black Fiber Brush and Coconut Fiber Brush.
    Various sizes.

After harvesting, raw materials are brought to our warehouse where the process of cleaning, drying, sorting, cutting and packaging into different qualities takes place.